Determine if the string is equal to another string.

Twine\Str::equals( string $string [, string $mode = Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_SENSITIVE ] ) : bool


$string The string to compare against
$mode An equals mode flag

Available equals modes:

Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_SENSITIVE Match the string with case sensitivity
Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_INSENSITIVE Match the string with case insensitivity


$string = new Twine\Str('john pinkerton');

        $string->equals('john pinkerton'); // Returns true
        $string->equals('JoHN PiNKeRToN'); // Returns false
        $string->equals('JoHN PiNKeRToN', Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_INSENSITIVE); // Returns true
        $string->equals('BoB BeLCHeR', Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_INSENSITIVE); // Returns false


Twine\Str::insensitiveMatch($string) = Twine\Str::equals($string, Twine\Config\Equals::CASE_INSENSITIVE)