Encode the string to or decode it from a URL safe string.

Twine\Str::url( string $mode = Twine\Config\Url::ENCODE ) : Twine\Str


$mode The string to compare against

Available url modes:

Twine\Config\Url::ENCODE Encode the string to a URL safe string
Twine\Config\Url::DECODE Decode the string from a URL safe string


$string = new Twine\Str('john+pinkerton/john=pinkerton');

        $string->url(); // Returns 'john%2Bpinkerton%2Fjohn%3Dpinkerton'
$path = new Twine\Str('/some/file/path.txt');

        $path->urlencode(); // Returns '%2Fsome%2Ffile%2Fpath.txt'